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Las Vegas , United States. Arena Tachikawa Tachihi. Semi Finals. Team Haleo.

Team Judo. Team Polaris. Team Sambo.

Team BJJ & Catch vs Team Judo Quintet

Tiger Muay Thai. Team Reebok. Team 10th Planet. Team Vagabond.

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Las Vegas , USA. Nicky Ryan. Hideo Tokoro. Sign in or Open in Steam. Publisher: Carmine T. Share Embed.

6 Keyboard Quintets (Soler, Antonio)

Play Game. My Fellow Captains, Quintet is now entirely free. I built this game years ago. These shows inspired me.

Qualitative Research Integrated within Trials (QuinteT)

I wanted to make something that promoted cooperation and communication. I built Quintet with some old versions of Unity and some third-party software. It has become impossible for me to do any sort of upgrades. I just do not have the time like I did 6 years ago. Thanks to everyone who supported me. Enjoy and More Power to the Shields! About This Game Your orders, Captain?

You've always wanted to sit in a big captain's chair and shout, "More power to the shields! Quintet is a scifi cooperative, cross-platform, multiplayer, "crew" game where players work harmoniously to control the same ship. How successful you are will depend on how well you all work together.

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You can play Quintet for hours for free and enjoy 20 playable ships online. There are 5 additional ships available with an upgrade. Truly multiplatform - No one is left out! No friends? No problem! Quintet has one, two, three, four and five player ships. All the different ship types can all play together in the same scenarios.

Quintet plays over the Internet so you can all play together even if you can't be in the same room. Easily drop in and drop out any time. Several game types Quintet features lots of different scenarios for co-op and pvp game play.

Forecasting the Canadian Wind (Halifax)

Work together to fend off a massive armada or have a ship free-for-all. A year-long project in the Queens neighborhood of Jackson Heights concluded with a concert in December. We have had the honor and pleasure to work with composer Lev "Ljova" Zhurbin in this multi-generational project that involves elementary school recorder players from PS. Ljova has written a four-movement work which has an overall theme of birds. Ljova wrote the first movement based on interviews with the seniors. The next movement, based on the white-throated sparrow's call is for the recorder players and the quintet, another movement is for the quintet and the orchestra, and the last movement brings everyone together, first with the chorus and quintet and then joined by the orchestra and recorder players.