A Course on Group Theory (Dover Books on Mathematics)

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I don't currently own a dedicated group theory book, and I think I'd find such a book very helpful in my research. What is your favorite book on group theory? Please tell us why you like it -- and what sort of groups it focuses on finite? For my part, I'm interested mainly in discrete, finitely generated groups, but I enjoy the "flavor" of general group theory books more than combinatorial group theory books. However, when I need info on the representation theory of these groups, I end up turning to Steinberg's lecture notes alas, not in print.

Another important reference here is Bass's book "Algebraic K-Theory". For arithmetic groups here there is some overlap with answer 3 , I like Dave Witte Morris's book on the subject it's not in print yet, but it is available on his webpage. For geometric group theory, in addition to the wonderful book of Bridson and Haefliger that Henry mentioned, I like Pierre de la Harpe's book on the subject mostly for the amazing bibliography. For the symmetric group, I really like G. Robinson's "A Course in the Theory of Groups" is a very good general group theory reference, with a rather extensive bibliography.

Serre's Trees has a nice treatment of Bass-Serre theory in the first chapter. This concerns infinite discrete groups. The book displays Serre's usual qualities of very concise writing and an eye for important points. Martin Issacs. It contains all the standard material one would expect in a graduate group theory text as well as a number of topics you don't normally see in such texts, like subnormality and the Chernoff measure. It's quite a bit more advanced than the usual group theory texts as well.

Collected Papers of Bertram Kostant: Volume IV 1989-1999

All of it is presented beautifully with Issacs' usual authority and scholarship. For older and more standard texts, there's always the old classic by Philip Hall. And, of course, there's always John S.

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KWD KWD 4. The Art of Mathematics by Jerry P. Asymptotic Expansions of Integrals by Norman Bleistein. Asymptotic Methods in Analysis by N.

A Course on Group Theory (Dover Books on Mathematics)

Axiomatic Set Theory by Patrick Suppes. Boolean Algebra and Its Applications by J. Eldon Whitesitt. A bridge to advanced mathematics by Dennis Sentilles.

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Building Models by Games by Wilfrid Hodges. Calculus of finite differences by George Boole. Calculus of Variations by Robert Weinstock. Calculus of variations with applications by George M. Calculus Refresher by A. Dennis Lawrence. Challenging Problems in Algebra by Alfred S. Character theory of finite groups by I. Martin Isaacs. Combinatorics for Computer Science by S. Gill Williamson. Combinatorics of Finite Sets by Ian Anderson. Complex Analysis with Applications by Richard A.

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Complex Variables by Stephen D. Complex Variables by Francis J. Computational Methods of Linear Algebra by V. A Concept of Limits by Donald W. Concepts of Probability Theory by Paul E. Conformal Mapping by Zeev Nehari. Coordinate Geometry by Luther Pfahler Eisenhart. A Course in Mathematical Analysis, Vol. Curvature and Homology by Samuel I. Curvature in Mathematics and Physics by Shlomo Sternberg. Differential Forms by Henri Cartan.

Differential Geometry by Erwin Kreyszig. Differential Geometry by Heinrich W. Differential Geometry by William C. Differential Manifolds by Antoni A. The Divine Proportion by H. Dynamical Systems by Shlomo Sternberg. Elementary Concepts of Topology by Paul Alexandroff. Elementary Decision Theory by Herman Chernoff. Elementary Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint, Vol. Elementary statistics with applications in medicine by Frederick E. Elementary Topology by Michael C. Elements of Abstract Algebra by Allan Clark. Elements of Real Analysis by David A. Ellipsoidal Figures of Equilibrium by S.

Elliptic Integrals by Harris Hancock. Essays on the Theory of Numbers by Richard Dedekind. Excursions in Geometry by C. Stanley Ogilvy. Excursions in Number Theory by C. Experiments in Topology by Stephen Barr. Finite Difference Equations by H. First-Order Logic by Raymond Smullyan.

Foundations of geometry by Clarence Raymond Wylie. Foundations of Modern Analysis by Avner Friedman. Foundations of Potential Theory by Oliver D. Fractals Everywhere by Michael Fielding Barnsley. Functional Analysis by Frigyes Riesz. Fundamental Concepts of Algebra by Bruce E. Fundamental Concepts of Geometry by Bruce E. Duncan Luce. Generalized Inverses of Linear Transformations by S. A Geometric Introduction to Topology by C. Geometry and the Visual Arts by Dan Pedoe.

Geometry of Complex Numbers by Hans Schwerdtfeger. Group Theory by W. Hill's Equation by Wilhelm Magnus. A History of Greek Mathematics, Vol. History of Mathematics [set] by David Eugene Smith. History of Mathematics, Vol. Infinite Sequences and Series by Konrad Knopp. Infinitesimal Calculus by James M. Information Theory by Robert B. Information Theory and Statistics by Solomon Kullback. Ingenious Mathematical Problems and Methods by L.

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Integral Equations by F. Intriguing Mathematical Problems by Oswald Jacoby. Introduction to Analysis by Maxwell Rosenlicht. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by Philip C. Introduction to Bessel Functions by Frank Bowman. Introduction to Biostatistics by Robert R. Introduction to Difference Equations by Samuel Goldberg. An introduction to Fourier methods and the Laplace transformation by Philip Franklin. Introduction to Graph Theory by Richard J.

Introduction to higher algebra by Maxime Bocher. An Introduction to Mathematical Taxonomy by G. Introduction to Matrices and Vectors by Jacob T. Introduction to Numerical Analysis by F. Introduction to Probability by John E. Introduction to Projective Geometry by C. Wylie Jr. Introduction to the Calculus of Variations by Hans Sagan. Introduction to Topology by Bert Mendelson. Introductory Complex Analysis by Richard A. Introductory Discrete Mathematics by V. Introductory Graph Theory by Gary Chartrand.

Lectures on integral equations Van Nostrand mathematical studies, 17 by Harold Widom. Lectures on the theory of elliptic functions: Analysis by Harris Hancock. Lectures on the theory of functions of real variables by James Pierpont.

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Lie Algebras by Nathan Jacobson. Linear Algebra by Walter Nef. Linear Algebra by Georgi E. Linear algebra and matrix theory by Robert R. Makers of Mathematics by Stuart Hollingdale.

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Mathematical Economics by Kelvin Lancaster. Mathematical Foundations of Information Theory by A. Mathematical Foundations of Statistical Mechanics by A.