Picture It Yourself: Little Red Birds Bright Idea and Seven Other Stories

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It's no secret that Miley loves animals and her latest tiny tattoo pays tribute to one of her pups. Emu the Sheltie already has a fanbase and Miley's latest ink adds even more cuteness to the emufanclub. Paris Jackson and her brother defied gender norms with their matching tiny tattoos.

Picture It Yourself: Little Red Bird's Bright Idea and Seven Other Stories

Instead of inking the traditionally masculine and feminine sides of the ancient yin and yang on their ankles according to their gender, the siblings switched it up. She also gave celeb tattoo artist JonBoy a "K"-with-a-crown tattoo on his forearm during the visit. The actress also got an adorable "B-squared" tattoo with one of her best friends and fellow Bellas , Bella Pendergast.

Kylie's arm tattoo may be her sweetest. She has " Mary Jo " written in her grandmother's handwriting to honor her maternal grandmother, Mary Jo Campbell. Hailey Baldwin has an array of tiny tattoos, but this delicate lowercase G placed right behind her ear is particularly adorable. Hailey and her model cousin Ireland Baldwin share matching "Baldwin" tattoos on their middle fingers. These ultra-tiny finger tattoos , which spell out "pray" when Hailey's hands are clasped together in prayer, are made even more special by the fact that they were designed by Hailey's BFF Kendall Jenner.

Baldwin picked this design up in May, but the girls also share broken-heart best friend tattoos on their fingers. Osbourne's newest tattoo, inked on her scalp, has a powerful meaning. In light of the recent tragic events in Orlando , she posted the photo on her Instagram with the caption: "Solidarity: 'Noun. Unity of feeling of individuals with a common interest or purpose. Together, we have strength and powerful harmony. I have wanted to get this tattoo for a long time. The tragedy in Orlando devastated me and reminded me that every moment of our lives is precious.

Every human is precious. Love hard. Live gracefully, authentically and with conviction, respect, purpose and compassion. Together we achieve what is impossible to those who stand alone. Those of us who embrace and respect freedom stand together, progress together, celebrate together and grieve together. You are not alone.

Speaking of Kendall, the model has a few tattoos herself, including this text inside her lower lip that reads "meow. There's no real meaning behind it, I just wanted to be able to say that I have a tattoo 'on my face! One of this supermodel's many tattoos may be a nod to her friend Rihanna. Cara has a diamond inside of her right ear with three small stars surrounding it. Cyrus' latest tiny tattoo is a minimalistic wave design that she shares with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth's sister-in-law Elsa Pataky and Kalani Miller, surfer Kelly Slater's girlfriend Slater actually designed the wave for the ladies himself.

The actress made her latest small tattoo a touching tribute to her late grandmother, who made Lea her first cup of coffee. Lea also got a tat memorializing her late boyfriend Cory Monteith. The numeral 5 was his character's jersey number on Glee. Ariel Winter has a small collection of delicate designs , but this one has got to be our favorite. The letters are the initials of her nieces and nephews. Ellie Goulding 's intricate rib-cage ink is courtesy of Dr. Woo , the celebrity-worshiped ink whisperer. Too bad we can't just fly to California and hit up Woo for a copycat version—his wait list is reportedly six months long.

Coachella , anyone? Drew Barrymore got a tattoo in honor of her daughters, Olive and Frankie, and captioned it, "Getting a great little lifetime note on my arm. Model Jourdan Dunn 's lower-arm tattoo is a quote that reads, "Fear is not an option. Word spread through the finch population of Manhattan. By midsummer, the line zigzagged across the eastern face of our building. The raucous crowd attracted a few curious hangers-on: a dark-eyed junco, the Darth Vader of sparrows, his eyes obscured in an all-black helmet of a head; a mourning dove I called Lola, who monopolized the feeder for hours on end, vacuuming seed into an esophageal pouch called a crop for later digestion; and one warm summer evening, as twilight fell over the city, something large and fluffy that perched in silhouette against the darkening sky.

Jeff swore it was a chicken. I feared it was a hawk. Such clustering around feeders can accelerate the spread of disease. On closer inspection, I saw that his eyes were pink and swollen, encrusted with dried ooze. More than two decades since conjunctivitis first began showing up in house finches, the disease continues to afflict the species, rendering the eastern population less than half its former size. To protect the flock, I knew I was supposed to shoo away the sick bird, though he could starve on his own.

I stood watching the finch peck lethargically at the seed. Then, tears in my eyes, I began to bang on the plexiglass until he stumbled dizzily out onto the ledge. Following recommended protocol, I removed the feeder, cleaned it with bleach, and closed up shop for two weeks to disperse the colony, lowering the shades against the throng at the window whose plaintive chirping I did my best to ignore. To my surprise, however, when the quarantine expired, the birds were there, awaiting the grand reopening. I ordered a tiny space heater designed for pet parrots and got Jeff to wire it into the feeder.

A few weeks later, on a snowy Saturday, I sat watching with satisfaction as a berry-red finch, puffed up against the cold, stood basking in the electric warmth, inhaling his breakfast. No sooner had I turned my head to bite into my own bagel then a sudden thud and flurry of flapping propelled me from my chair. I raced over to the feeder, where all that remained was a sad swirl of downy brown feathers, red only at the tips—and a single hawk quill. Predators in the apartment seemed like a turning point.

I had to acknowledge that the feeder had become a major distraction. In lieu of actual food, our cupboards were stuffed with pound bags of birdseed that we lugged up from the mail room all too frequently. At least every other week, I had to remove the feeder to scrub it with bleach and scrape off our ledges caked solid with bird poop. From the street below, it was nearly impossible to figure out what was attracting the finches to the building.

I wanted to take down the feeder myself but felt responsible for the finches. Over the coming decades, the future of many wild animals will depend on their ability to adapt to an increasingly urbanized world. At the library, I searched out a book called Avian Urban Ecology , which said that little is known about the impact of feeding most birds in cities.

There is, however, one stunning exception. In this region, house finches are relative newcomers, invaders from two separate fronts: those from the East, introduced via New York in the middle of the last century, and Western natives, which have undertaken a dramatic and unexplained dispersal within roughly the same time frame.

Though the reasons for this continent-wide colonization remain mysterious, its well-documented and recent nature—knowing who derives from whom and when—presents a rare opportunity to watch the stages of evolution in the wild and observe how past adaptations affect future ones. If Darwin saw his theory of natural selection illuminated in the finches of the Galapagos, Badyaev is looking deep into the house finch to resolve a question he feels Darwin never answered: How does life maintain evolvability, the facility to change and adapt to the future?

In the Southwest, for example, where Badyaev is a professor at the University of Arizona, house finches live on their native turf and nest on the cholla cactus, females shielding eggs against temperatures hot enough to hard-boil them.

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Meanwhile, some thousand miles to the north, where Badyaev earned his doctorate at the University of Montana, the same species hatches its young under snow cover, having undergone a transformation involving everything from hormonal signaling to eggshell architecture. To understand such radical metamorphoses, executed over a few short decades, his team has been measuring nearly every conceivable metric in hundreds of thousands of banded finches across dozens of populations, yielding one of the largest studies of wild birds in the world.

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This adaptation has altered not only how urban males sing, but also what urban females prefer in a mate. Such varied routes to an identical end—a beak strong enough to crack sunflower seeds—may be one way that nature hides variability from the swinging axe of natural selection.

S o should we feed birds? A recent study in Science found that the beaks of great tits have evolved to be longer in the United Kingdom than in continental Europe, possibly due to the popularity of feeders in England. To say nothing of the garbage and waste grain from agriculture that we feed many birds without intending to.

Meanwhile, proponents argue that they connect us to wildlife, opening our eyes to the world beyond our backyards, including those species most in need of our help, such as seabirds and tropical birds.

Just after Christmas, Jeff planned a short trip to Panama and, in a move entirely out of character, surprised me with a birding tour—something he stipulated he was willing to do exactly once in his life. Early in the new year, we rose at 4 a. A few hours later, I was wilting fast. We both, however, started noticing birds everywhere we turned in the city, which over the course of the year amazingly plays host to more than a quarter of the species found in North America.

Not Even Kendall Jenner Can Resist Summer’s Biggest Trend

If birds rank among the best-studied animals today, fish are among the least, disappearing faster than we can discover them. Then, when I got pregnant and mentioned to my doctor how much guano I was scrubbing, the feeder came down.

Though most of the birds dispersed, a few stayed put. Many months later, I still hear them singing or catch one peering wistfully through the window. Then Sam gets down on his hands and knees and he's looking under this stack table, and he opens the sliding doors and says, 'How do you know how much you've got under here when you're placing that order?

What are you doing here? What are you doing? That's all. Jim Koch, founder of the Boston Beer Company, known for Samuel Adams Boston Lager, came up with the idea for selling beer while talking to a stranger he met in a bar. The man was drinking a Heineken. He said he liked the imported beer even though it tasted "skunky," Koch recalls. Then, a realization dawned on Koch: There was a market for a high-end beer with a fresh taste, which could come from a domestic brewery. Big thinkers are often brisk walkers : Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, and Aristotle all made long walks a part of their idea-generating process.

Schwartz have confirmed the connection between steps and thoughts. In the summer of , Walt Disney was eating alone at a restaurant in Los Angeles. At the time, he and his team were working through a movie called "Pinocchio. They starting dining together. Disney asked Stokowski what he thought of a musical piece he had just acquired the rights to. This eventually lead to a groundbreaking collaboration: "Fantasia," the first long-form fusion of classical music and animation.

The takeaway: Meet with people you wouldn't otherwise interact with, and seek out possible collaborations. Ever have a great idea on your commute but have lost it by the time you get to your desk? Thomas Edison was assiduous about not letting any ideas escape him — he'd write them down in any of his 2, notebooks. If an idea didn't have an immediate application — or it simply failed — he'd save it for later.

5 essential tips to get you started in 'Angry Birds 2'

Then if he got blocked on an idea, he'd refer back to his former thoughts looking for a new approach. Think Jar Collective gives an example :. The program allowed employees to use some of their work time to pursue their own projects. More than 1, Post-it products are now sold in countries. Great ideas are usually the result of a combination of conversations, research, experience — and time. The Broadway musical "West Side Story" was originally written as a story revolving around Catholics and Jews, not Puerto Ricans and whites, as we know it today. But the creators quickly realized that Catholic-Jewish tension was dying down as an issue and decided to put the project aside.