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Hispania AD81 Marella is the daughter of a noble Celtiberian family. Falsely accused by a vile and corrupt Druidic high priest, she is set to be executed. Marcus is a Roman deserter from Britannia who has made his home in Hispania. Finding no purpose in the life he leads, bored and frustrated, he relishes the chance to face the challenges that come with saving the life of this young noblewoman Peregrine Winthrop is a very young man readying himself for a very big task in the Southern Seas.

But first he must marry. Preoccupied by preparations he relies on others - wiser than he -to decide who will make him a perfect wife. Very quickly he realises his mistake The Governess Affair. She will not give up. Three months ago, governess Serena Barton was let go from her position. Unable to find new work, she's demanding compensation from the man who got her sacked: a petty, selfish, swinish duke. But it's not the duke she fears. It's his merciless man of business -- the man known as the Wolf of Clermont. The formidable former pugilist has a black reputation for handling all the duke's dirty business, and when the duke turns her case over to him, she doesn't stand a chance.

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Her reward? A sizable share of his inheritance--payable immediately after the wedding night… Devil in the Making Devilish Vignettes 1. ANNA — In love with a woman he had only seen once and could not find, the Highlander, Kevin MacGreagor, was growing older and needed a wife to give him sons. But when his men went to meet her guard, she was all alone and badly beaten. Who could have done such a thing and why? Connor had other ideas. He loved Rachel and when a rival clan took her, he thought he would lose his mind. How would he ever get her back and if he did, would her dark secret separate them forever?

The Worst of Lies. First in the series 'The Strongs of Summerleas Farm'. The tale of a marriage Hampshire, England, When seventeen-year old Mary Springer marries George Strong and arrives with him at Summerleas Farm, she has no way of knowing that he is still obsessed with his former lover, Annie, the woman now married to his brother. Nor does she know that resentful of George's marriage and unhappy in her own, Annie is scheming to rekindle her relationship with him.

Isolated and lonely in her new surroundings, Mary struggles to cope with her husband's cold and evermore distant behaviour, while for his part, George laments choosing such a young and innocent wife. So when Annie is widowed by the unexplained death of her brutal husband and a young Lavender Vows: A Mini-Novel.

Now with exclusive excerpts. Lord Bernard of Derkland needs to find a wife, if for no other reason than to satisfy his father and his incessant badgering. His soft heart for women is his biggest downfall as well as his greatest joy. Guaranteed to make you giggle and smile, this is witty installment to the wonderful, detailed Georgian world that Victoria Vane has created.

This glimpse of Simon as a younger lad and how he comes to be the man we will see later is well written and smart and will make you that more anxious for him to find his true love and settle down! I know I can not wait to see him fall : If you are new to her writing, this works well as a stand alone but as this is just a prequel of what is to come, there is no romance or solid conclusion. I enjoyed seeing a bit more of the solid friendship between Ludovic and Ned and how all their antics together change their lives forever.

Even though this is short, it is well written, well thought out and executed brilliantly. Moreover, my natural inclination to licentiousness is decidedly incompatible with a theological vocation. With my two great passions being poetry and women of easy virtue, not necessarily in that order, I fear all combines to make me an exceedingly poor candidate for the clergy.

Why would I dirty my hands? The sad truth is that I am in need of the money. But you receive a more than adequate allowance. I tell you, it is humiliating in the extreme. Unless I wish to live under such a yoke for the next three years, which I positively do not, I must find a way to make my living, and if I must travail for my bread, what better way than by the fruits of my pen?

This venture with Harris is the perfect solution" "What do you suppose will happen when your dear devout Mama gets wind of it? Only you, DeVere and Harris are privy to my identity.

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View 2 comments. This time it is Sin's turn in the spotlight. Sin has two weaknesses — women and a penchant for writing lewd poetry. He also has a big problem — a lack of funds with which to indulge said inclinations. Of course, his attempts to remedy the situation involve not only subterfuge but also lead him into a number of wickedly funny sit Those three, young, roguish friends, Ludovic The Devil DeVere, Simon Sin Singleton and Ned Dull Dog Chambers are back to entertain us with more bawdy misadventures!

It would be a pity to miss such ribald delights as this… "Has Sin not told you, Ned? Ms Vane has given us another delightfully naughty Georgian romp full of witty banter and fun characters. In this short read we find the three friends back together again which as we all know will only lead to mischief during their younger years. I found this read making me laugh so hard at some of the things that were going on from these guys, especially Simon, with his love of life and the women. Now, we see that Simons' allowance has been partly cut off by his father, so he must earn a living to make up this difference and so he could keep up with his style of living.

For Simon found a way to earn needed coins by writing salacious poetry What happens when Simon's mom and dad well Vane can do leading us up to want more! The characters that were added in the short read will be very captivating keeping you turning the pages where you will be anxiously waiting to see just where this author will take us Vane has instore for us next. This review will appear at Romantic Historical Book Lovers Longtime friends are a rare and delicious treat. They pull pranks, act without thinking, and wreak havoc on those around them.

In The Trouble with Sin we find our resident poet, Sin, in trouble with his parents. Sin has other ideas. He uses his power over words to make a few coins to make up for the coin his parents no longer give him.

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The horror! Now, he just has to keep his parents from finding out! I found myself snickering at the predicaments Sin found himself in. His own way.

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His parents have other ideas and he rebels. I was giggling and few times I laughed out loud. I also felt bad for him. We rarely get to meet the main characters of books we love in their early years. In the Devilish Vignettes, Victoria Vane gives us that history. We get the story of their early years before they found the loves of their lives. It gives us more insight into their characters and makes us love them all the more. The Trouble with Sin is not a romantic story.

This Devilish Vignette will only add to his story when it comes out.

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I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Great read! Man these guys seem to be a magnet for trouble and Simon is no exception! Simon is a poet and a lover of all things female. His exploits with DeVere have gotten him in trouble at school and with his parents. Poor Simon can't catch a break with the ladies as they all take advantage of him and that gets him in more trouble.

I enjoyed this story and can't wait to read more of DeVere and his friends! Womankind fuels his youthful rebellion and the lessons learned are tried and true. This vignette offers the realities of youth and coming-of-age in the Georgian The Trouble the Sin by Victoria Vane Series: Devilish Vignettes 2 INTRO Have you ever started reading a new story or novel, and instantly, your mind produces theme music or a score to accompany the characters?

This vignette offers the realities of youth and coming-of-age in the Georgian era. How very different from our own times while striking a chord of truths to move a reader beyond the boundaries of history—or her-story. Then the only replacement I could think of was Prince. He finds a way to thumb his nose at his overbearing father and straight-laced mother by indulging in his favorite illicit pastime, and earning an income, when his allowance is cut off.

Sin soon learns that without the protection of his friends, the price of false independence is high and the cost is not worth the fleeting defiance he expresses towards his parents. The language is strong and the content is adult themed, bursting at the seams with the seedier elements of London, particularly Covent Garden, and the skin trade. Except to tell you that in terms of sexual content, lust is verbally expressed but kept behind doors, and this works quite well with the flavor of the writing. By no means was I disappointed by the less visual aspects.

If Ned embodies strength, character, and honesty, DeVere, beauty, lust and wisdom, then Sin recalls creativity, sensuality and innocence; the inner-child lured away by forbidden enticement to discover burns, bites and scrapes, yet always the sweetness of Mother is there to sweeten the sting.

Upon reaching adulthood, Sin finds the world a deadlier foe, and Her weapons are avarice, violence and heartache; womanly companionship is fleeting and not constant as Mother, yet modest Love evades him as her gaudy sister, Infatuation lures him away. To revisit, again and again, the fragrant alcove where first Erato, did lure him to her dewy bosom with lascivious words exhaled from ambrosia-perfumed breath.

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Disclosure: I received this review copy from the author. Yes, this is an honest review. Who is Sin? Simon Singleton is the third person in Devil's small circle of friends. The poet in their group, he has the devil's golden tongue and can talk his way out of difficult situations. To craft his verses, he seeks out inspiration by enjoying the pleasures the life.

But Simon has neither Devil's wealth nor standing. As the youngest son, Simon is doing his best to avoid the inevitable careers of younger Disclosure: I received this review copy from the author. As the youngest son, Simon is doing his best to avoid the inevitable careers of younger sons: the church or the army.

A chance encounter with Jack Harris provides Simon with an income and a way out of his parents' controlling grasps -- but trouble always seems to find Simon and this is one of those things that he can't seem to talk his way out of. In A Devil's Touch , Sin was the reason for Devil's abrupt departure, leaving Diana with so many questions and not as many answers. We got a glimpse of a tired, broken man who has just come home from war and we wondered who he was in Devil's life. In this vignette, Vane continues to build on the world and the characters of her the Devil DeVere series.

She provides us with a glimpse into the three men's past and the "adventures" they had as young men. We can see the bonds that have tied Ned, Devil and Sin to each other -- and we understand why Devil made that trip to London in the previous vignette. The story itself is very light and shows the madcap escapades read about the twins in Chapter 5 of Simon and his friends, but there's a circumspect kinda tragic element to this story as well: this is Simon before everything happened to him.

Carefree and relaxed, content to work on his poetry and enjoy the company his friends.

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The troubles he finds himself in this story are nothing compared to the troubles that he finds himself in after this story -- In that, I appreciate the author's vision for this massive project. With each installment, she shares a different view of her characters and allows them and us to experience a wide gamut of emotions and experience: light to dark, fun to dreary, etc. Simon, I think, is the missing link in the spectrum that has Ned on one end and Devil on the other. He loves women and loves to enjoy himself -- but he also has cares and desires beyond the simple physical realm: he enjoys poetry and, while he doesn't realize it, he also makes sure that all women are treated properly.

Harris stroked his chin with a look of triumph.

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Even to the commonest whore. We first get to know Sin in the infamous and hilarious Lion incident in Devil in the Making. Sin seems to be the only one of the rather infamous trio to have what we might consider normal parents. Well, more normal than DeVere's anyway. Although Sin's mother does seem to be excessively devoted to religious pursuits! And Sin is so far from religiosity as to be posit Originally published at Reading Reality Simon Singleton, otherwise so appropriately known as "Sin" is the third of DeVere's friends.

And Sin is so far from religiosity as to be positively pursuing anything in the opposite direction. What I meant was that his parents are both alive and do seem to care what happens to him, even if they sometimes have a peculiar way of showing it. DeVere is definitely a bad influence. Not evil, definitely not that, but not precisely on the side of the angels, either.

And Sin Singleton is the picture of a sweet boy looking for nothing but good times. Wine, women and song, if by song you mean poetry. He seems somewhat of a lightweight, seeking the easiest ways to keep himself in pretty girls, decent drink and to continue writing that poetry. So he ends up writing a guidebook to prostitutes. In verse.

How else were they to advertise? It's a great way to supplement his allowance! Until his mama finds out. And then his papa buys him a commission in the Army. Sending him off to the wilds of North America, of all places. Click here. Martin's Press 3, Tantor Media, Inc.

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