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Ambition and hard work have made Rockstar North a preeminent games developer worldwide, and at the heart of it all is a team of motivated individuals who strive to produce amazing, industry-leading games. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, the studio provides a creative environment in which talent and innovation can thrive.

Bringing a Rockstar title to fruition demands commitment and dedication, but also presents an exciting opportunity for highly skilled game developers from a variety of backgrounds to collaborate on some of the most successful and critically-acclaimed video games in the world. My score! Get your own! I'm a bad man. You know, for a damn yokel you're a very funny guy. About us Our work Join us Support. Other titles we have worked on.. Mind how you talk to him , multiple coworkers and managers said. A few months after that, Bundschu left Rockstar, and eventually, he exited the video game industry.

He wrote about the incident in a book he self-published on Amazon in , but he used pseudonyms for Barrera and everyone else involved.

Over the past two months, Kotaku has conducted several interviews with Bundschu and reviewed e-mails between Bundschu and Rockstar HR as well as a seven-page document that Bundschu says he wrote at the time, on the advice of his lawyer uncle, detailing the events of that night and the days afterward. Bundschu said he is going on the record now, four and a half years after the event, because he hopes that going public will help prevent incidents like this from happening again.

We had first contacted Bundschu in January, after hearing wind of the allegations. Barrera, who departed from Rockstar in after two decades with the company, denies these allegations. Barrera categorically denies all of the allegations of misconduct you raised with him. While we do not comment publicly on the specifics of individual investigations, in any case where an employee raises workplace concerns, we investigate them and take appropriate action.

Rockstar consists of over two thousand employees working in eight offices around the world. Current and former employees shared stories of Rockstar work trips to strip clubs. One name kept emerging as one of the driving forces behind this culture: Jeronimo Barrera, the vice president of product development and one of the most powerful people at Rockstar.

Although Barrera is no longer at Rockstar, he served as one of the top decision-makers just under co-founders Sam and Dan Houser at a company that brings in billions of dollars in revenue thanks to mega-franchises like Grand Theft Auto.


Barrera helped lead development on some of the most critically acclaimed games out there, like Bully and Red Dead Redemption. He often did interviews with journalists to market Rockstar games, and he was a top manager at the company.

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On Friday, November 21, , a large group of Rockstar employees held a work event at a restaurant in Encinitas, California, several miles away from Rockstar San Diego, as the Carlsbad office is called. They were celebrating some of the designers that Rockstar had hired recently, including Colin Bundschu, who had moved from Seattle that month, leaving behind his friends and long-term girlfriend to take what he saw as a dream job.

Bundschu says his manager had warned him to watch what he said, that Barrera could be temperamental—a reputation that Bundschu says he witnessed in his very first conversation with Barrera. All requested anonymity because they said they were scared to harm their careers or scared of retaliation from Rockstar.

Some said they had seen Barrera reprimand co-workers for staying friends with ex-Rockstar colleagues on Facebook; others shared anecdotes of drunken antics and pranks gone awry. One common story, not verified firsthand by Kotaku but shared secondhand by three people, was that at a party one evening Barrera had drunkenly tackled a designer into a bush.

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The designer did not respond to a request for comment. Later, said the two people, someone else from Rockstar called to tell the testers that they were not, in fact, fired, and that they should come back to work. Many of the developers who spoke to Kotaku said he was feared because he had the authority to reprimand or fire anyone, an authority that those developers said he would remind employees of often.

But if you caught him at the wrong time, Rockstar staff said, you never knew what might happen. He could make or break you at the company.

Barrera was in California when Rockstar held its meet-and-greet for new developers on that Friday in November of During dinner, Bundschu says he was sitting next to two other new designers when Barrera came over and started talking to him. When they got to the nightclub, Bundschu remembers seeing Barrera at a booth with several other Rockstar staffers, complete with full table service: bottles of vodka, mixers, and so on.

They all sat down, Bundschu says, and talked for a while. It was not like I was sitting there helping myself.

Rockstar North

Bundschu estimated he had three drinks, adding that he remembers everything that happened. Bundschu volunteered, and then, he says, things started getting uncomfortable.

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  • There was no warning, no anything; he just goes for it. Barrera stopped and sat back down at the booth alongside their colleagues. Then, Bundschu says, Barrera spread his legs and gestured for Bundschu to come sit on his lap. Bundschu says he remembers freezing.

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    I have no interest in men and certainly no interest in Jeronimo, and doing what he told me to do in front of the people I work with was very humiliating. Then he moved to the other side of the table, as far away from Barrera as he could get. What the fuck is going on right now?