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Jeff McArthur. Share this project. Support Select this reward. Estimated delivery Apr For the purposes of border control , airports and seaports are also classed as borders.

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Most countries have some form of border control to regulate or limit the movement of people, animals, and goods into and out of the country. Under international law, each country is generally permitted to legislate the conditions that have to be met in order to cross its borders, and to prevent people from crossing its borders in violation of those laws. Some borders require presentation of legal paperwork like passports and visas , or other identity documents , for persons to cross borders.

To stay or work within a country's borders aliens foreign persons may need special immigration documents or permits ; but possession of such documents does not guarantee that the person should be allowed to cross the border. Moving goods across a border often requires the payment of excise tax , often collected by customs officials. Animals and occasionally humans moving across borders may need to go into quarantine to prevent the spread of exotic infectious diseases.

Most countries prohibit carrying illegal drugs or endangered animals across their borders. Moving goods, animals, or people illegally across a border, without declaring them or seeking permission, or deliberately evading official inspection, constitutes smuggling. Controls on car liability insurance validity and other formalities may also take place. In places where smuggling, migration, and infiltration are a problem, many countries fortify borders with fences and barriers , and institute formal border control procedures.

These can extend inland, as in the United States where the U. Customs and Border Protection service has jurisdiction to operate up to miles from any land or sea boundary. This is common in countries within the European Schengen Area and on rural sections of the Canada—United States border. Borders may even be completely unmarked, typically in remote or forested regions; such borders are often described as "porous".

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Migration within territorial borders, and outside of them, represented an old and established pattern of movement in African countries, in seeking work and food, and to maintain ties with kin who had moved across the previously porous borders of their homelands. When the colonial frontiers were drawn, Western countries attempted to obtain a monopoly on the recruitment of labor in many African countries, which altered the practical and institutional context in which the old migration patterns had been followed, and some might argue, are still followed today.

The frontiers were particularly porous for the physical movement of migrants, and people living in borderlands easily maintained transnational cultural and social networks. Political borders are imposed on the world through human agency. Political borders are often classified by whether or not they follow conspicuous physical features on the earth. Natural borders are geographical features that present natural obstacles to communication and transport. Existing political borders are often a formalization of such historical, natural obstacles.

Throughout history, technological advances have reduced the costs of transport and communication across the natural borders. That has reduced the significance of natural borders over time. As a result, political borders that have been formalized more recently, such as those in Africa or Americas, typically conform less to natural borders [ citation needed ] than very old borders, such as those in Europe or Asia, do.

Such political boundaries are often found around the states that developed out of colonial holdings, such as in North America, Africa and the Middle East. Fiat boundaries are typically the product of human demarcation, such as in demarcating electoral districts or postal districts.


A relict border is a former boundary, which may no longer be a legal boundary at all. However, the former presence of the boundary can still be seen in the landscape. For instance, the boundary between East and West Germany is no longer an international boundary, but it can still be seen because of historical markers on the landscape, and it is still a cultural and economic division in Germany. A line of control LoC refers to a militarized buffer border between two or more nations that is yet to be resolved or implemented for permanent border status.

LoC borders are under military control and are not recognized as an official international border. Formally known as a cease-fire line an LoC was first created as a way to buffer war borders during the Simla Agreement.

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  • A maritime border is a division enclosing an area in the ocean where a nation has exclusive rights over the mineral and biological resources, [8] encompassing maritime features, limits and zones. Maritime borders exist in the context of territorial waters , contiguous zones , and exclusive economic zones ; however, the terminology does not encompass lake or river boundaries, which are considered within the context of land boundaries.

    Some maritime borders have remained indeterminate despite efforts to clarify them. This is explained by an array of factors, some of which illustrate regional problems. Airspace is the atmosphere located within a countries controlled international and maritime borders. All sovereign countries hold the right to regulate and protect air space under the international law of Air sovereignty.

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    Airspace extends 12 nautical miles from the coast of a country and it holds responsibility for protecting its own airspace unless under NATO peacetime protection. The vertical boundaries of airspace are not officially set or regulated internationally. An open border is the deregulation and or lack of regulation on the movement of persons between nations and jurisdictions, this does not apply to trade or movement between privately owned land areas. Support Select this reward.

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