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His microphone and the camera attracted the refugees who gathered to tell their stories of their flight from their homes and their families.

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One day, two Taiwanese brothers met him and offered him a project: to teach English on both TV and videotape: they would be the producers. At first he was puzzled, he did not want to be an English teacher, then he understood the potential of the project, which could consolidate and broaden the audience.

When the brothers come back to meet him, Jerry told them he accepted the proposal. It is a chain of schools for English that spreads first to China and then throughout Eastern Asia. Since then, Jerry's fame has been unstoppable. Bargaining with Phoenix based satellite television in Hong Kong and with Chinese provincial television. Such productions are the result of deep determination in building bridges of dialogue, a will that has distinguished Jerry's entire life.

In that hundred meters we would be stopped by at least twenty people who wanted to say hello and exchange two words with him. I had to buy the coffee and drink it on the street. Once I asked Jerry, "Apart from all the pressure you feel to be always available to everyone, what do you feel when you ride on the train and everyone greets you?

I remember the first morning we came with Andrew Garfield to go to the area where the production assistants were. I walked away behind Andrew and Jerry, with another person. Andrew was the first to enter the courtyard next to the offices, then Jerry.

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I look up and saw that everyone went to greet Jerry: "I cannot believe it! Jerry always learned something from all those he met: in the last two years he has conducted the TV show on Pope Francis, titled Oh my God! And was struck by the example of Francis, a Pope who listens "when we talk to people and we are tempted to shoot off hasty judgments, let's remember his sentence:" Who am I to judge?

As one of his students said, "We look forward to knowing new aspects of his life and to everyone who has met him thanks him for helping us know more about Jesus and how much he has given us. Thank you Jerry! Help AsiaNews.

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Aree geografiche. Central Asia Kazakhstan. North Asia Mongolia. East Asia China. North Korea. South Korea. Hong Kong. South West Asia Armenia. South East Asia Brunei. East Timor. South Asia Afghanistan. Sri Lanka. Central America. North America. South America. Middle East Saudi Arabia. United Arab Emirates. Poverty and vocation Jerry was born in San Diego, California on December 2, , the first of three brothers. Mickey Mouse and Refugees It was the perfect world for Jerry.

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A priest for Asia and China One day, two Taiwanese brothers met him and offered him a project: to teach English on both TV and videotape: they would be the producers. Printable version. Card Rahi: Kushner's peace plan is "the slap of the century". Jude's Church organizes relief efforts Videos and photos.

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