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It feels so good. But the build up is scary-especially if you are blindfolded. You hear it flying through the air and you hold your breath wondering is this gonna be good or bad? On my collaring post,I have pictures of every implement that was used during my initiation. You can check out the pics here. Hi Nikki, I have been reading some of your blogs. I'll definitely pop over for a look at your initiation pics. Razor strop, I have to confess I've read about it, like the loopy johnny but never seen one.

I need to do a bit more homework. Awww shucks, dirty job but someone's gotta do it Warning This blog is intended for the use and enjoyment of those over 18 years old. If you are under 18 please leave immediately, before your parents catch you. Grown up Toys - Spanking equipment. Grown up toys can really add spice to the bedroom. Easily purchased and lots of fun. My favourite site for toys is Lovehoney as they carry a great range, and delivery is fast and very discrete. I'll start with the spanko's toys. The basic spanko's wardrobe can be as high budget or low budget as you want.

If you want to try the illusion of spanking but without the pain there are velvet floggers available which give a little kick but not a real bite. To add to the illusion, tie the spankee's hands loosely so they can escape if they really need to but not too easily!

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A pair of tights or pantyhose are perfect for the job. The flogger can be applied to any part of the body with varying degrees of force and can give a delicious tingle to the skin without the ouch factor. More heavy duty leather, suede, rubber and rope floggers are available for those who prefer a little extra kick.

Some spankee's have certain implements they associate with spanking love the effect these have on their mind. The basic wooden spoon is a typical example, and is probably available in your kitchen right now. Or Try a wooden spatula for slightly less punch but more coverage! Of course there is always the good old-fashioned hairbrush for a real retro spanking.

The Spanker

Try a plastic one for sting or a wooden one for a bit more oomph. The London Tanners have a fine selection of leather tawses, paddles, straps, crops and anything your heart or your behind might desire. As for the tawse, All I can say is ouch, it's no wonder they were used to keep manners on youngsters in school. Not for the fainthearted! Don't forget the well worn time softened leather belt. It takes a bit of practice to get the swing right but well worth the trouble. And of course cost. Rattan canes are recommended as they have more give than bamboo and less likely to do serious harm but if you're on a low budget, there is always your garden centre for a bunch of bamboo canes for propping up your garden plants.

But picture the delicious anticipation as you sand down your bamboo, knowing the use its going to be put to later. And no implement guide would be complete without the good old birch. A useless piece of trivia, birching was only outlawed as a means of punishment for public order offences in the Isle of Man in ! To make a birch, simply collect about a dozen straight switches of similar length, using electrical tape bind them tightly together at one end, then add ribbon or cloth over the electrical tape, to help prevent it coming apart.

Can be a lovely sensual experience applied lightly or one hell of a torture applied firmly. There are countless implements suitable for spanking, I'm sure I've left some out. If there are any you'd like to add please do so in the comments. And of course never forget the cheapest most readily available one of all, and often the sorest, a good firm hand!

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